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Updates of server
« on: June 01, 2012, 09:39:31 am »
Guys I gonna write you some updates took place in our server
-We balanced Damage of players.(See same armor/weapon/jewelers balance do not compile +20 Armor vs +6 Armor)
-We Fixed Oly most Bugs with Items. ;D
-We Changed time of Hero Weapons' Skills  ;D
-We Add new Armor... A char will refine Abyss Armor with new one +100 vote coins and 50 PvP Coins...  :o
(How you Get PvP Coins... 2 Event gonna Start.. 1 called Casino and second Called Fighting Club.)I will describe about events at next post when events completelly added.Reward for event will be PvP Coins.
-New Armor is better than Abyss and look better too.
We fix about Active Skills Stuck problem... Noone can stuck skills. Stuck skills mean unbalance for lucky guys.
Please check in game and make your suggestions in order to check and fix them.
In order to see new Armor we gonna Add a new Patch called "Update only Files",you have to download these files ,open same folders in your client and add the extra files.
the only xhange you have to make is in System folder (Armorgrp,itemname) you have to replace with new files.
Pls post in forum in order to be easyer by dev to check about your wishes.
Thanks for your support...

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